5 Natural Remedies for Lowering Blood Pressure Fast

High blood pressure is no longer just an ailment for the elderly, as more than one third of young people between the ages 16 and 34 are said to suffer from some form of hypertension, this according to an article on the website, And if this is left unchecked, this cardiovascular malady, even in its mild form, can lead to premature aging and brain damage. The conventional solution to correct... read more

Understanding Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

Medical science has been continuously successful with producing cures to many diseases. Yet more and more people have nonetheless sought relief from alternative healing methods in treating various physical illnesses and mental conditions such as anxiety. For the last few years, we’ve witnessed an explosion of treatment options such as homeopathic remedies for anxiety in order to cure... read more

Are Natural Diuretics Really Safe?

Taking natural diuretics may be a better route for people who want to obtain relief from common edema symptoms. But prolonged use of either natural or artificial diuretics in general should be avoided. Since this treatment induces urination, applying it has some associated risks namely, dehydration, loss of some essential nutrients (i.e. magnesium and potassium), uric acid increase, and an increase of... read more

What’s Beneficial about a Herbal Colon Cleanse?

Is a herbal colon cleanse good for your health? Unfortunately, due to the lack of scientific research and evidence, we still can’t really confirm nor prove whether organic colon cleansing is beneficial or not, or that it has no health risks or side-effects. To give you a little more background as to its origins, natural colon cleansing began a long, long time ago in ancient Greece, then became... read more

5 Natural Anxiety Remedies to Boost Your Vitality

Here’s 3 very important questions to ponder before we start talking about natural anxiety remedies: Are you troubled with health issues that distress your life and hamper your lifestyle? Need an alternative treatment but don’t have the funds or initiative to have yourself checked by a certified health expert? Need instant relief from emotional instability? If the answer is yes to these... read more

The Benefits of Squeezing Stress Balls to Relieve Tension

The Benefits of Squeezing Stress Balls to Relieve Tension Many people associate stress and anxiety attacks with symptoms like muscle tension, chronic head and neck pains, unstable emotional mood shifts, and an upset tummy. Stress is a major health problem and the main factor that leads to other health problems like cardiovascular diseases. There are many and different ways of combating stress.  One... read more

Natural Toothache Remedies

When your tooth aches in the middle of the night, you normally can’t phone or see your dentist in that instant, the best alternative would be to find relief through natural remedies, which are generally available right in your own home. Toothache remedies are preferable to seeing your dentist especially in cases of emergency. Don’t get me wrong; consulting your dentist for a painful toothache... read more

Top 3 Natural Remedies for colds, coughs and the flu

Natural remedies for colds, coughs and all sorts of diseases caused by flu can be found just by looking around your home. To treat your stubborn cold, cough or flu, here are some of the best natural home treatments you can turn to: Garlic Tea – Garlic is an old-age remedy that fights all types of diseases. It is a popular immune system strengthener, an anti-bacterial, and anti-viral herb that wards... read more

Why Tomatoes are good for your Health

Ever wonder why that red, vine-like fruit in your back yard is so popular among many other fruits? Unlike many vegetables, tomatoes are one of the most popular plants that can be grown and plucked out fresh from the yard. This fresh, flavourful, red fruit is considered to have many health benefits. Tomatoes, either eaten raw, canned or cooked are packed with anti-oxidants that provide protection for our... read more

Natural Remedies for Allergies

When the weather gets rough, the going gets tough and you know that this means the start of possible allergies and viral infections that put you in a not so good shape. Runny, red, itchy nose? We all hate that feeling and most especially how it affects our look. So, how do we get rid of allergies? Prevention is better than medication so goes the old saying. Cliché as it may sound but it’s... read more

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