Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Just how do you get rid of varicose veins, apart from surgical procedure of course?  Varicose veins can be inherited but there are some home remedies for varicose veins that may help you to prevent them or stop them from accelerating, if you already have some developing.

home remedies for varicose veins

home remedies for varicose veins - with permission from wikipedia

Veins have valves that close and open to keep blood flowing towards the heart.

Since many veins are working against the force of gravity, they need the valves to push the blood up and prevent it from pooling at the distal area of the extremities. If the valves fail to function, blood pools and varicose veins occur.

Thus, it is best to follow some effective remedies to prevent varicose veins from developing or worsening.

Get rid of excess weight: Obesity causes varicose veins because the increasing weight puts pressure on the legs. This is also true for pregnant women. Anybody who has a protruding abdomen has a higher risk of getting dilated, long and tortuous veins because of the additional strain in the vein’s valves placed on the lower limbs.

Additionally, obesity and pregnancy intensifies the work of the heart in pumping more blood to the different parts of the body, especially to the lower limbs, thereby adding more tension to the veins of lower limbs to propel blood back to heart.

Naturally, to prevent getting varicose veins, one should first get rid of excess weight. Research evidently shows that 80 per cent of the cause is heredity, where people have fewer valves or the walls of the veins are weak to support the pressure. If one has less weight, the risk of developing varicose veins is decreased.

Exercise regularly: Having varicose veins is inherited, therefore, is not totally preventable. But having an improved circulation, especially in the lower limbs, will reduce varicose veins or prevent them from forming. There are some people with varicose veins who are terrified of exercising thinking that the veins will burst or worsen if they make any movements. But proper exercise, especially that which involves the muscles of the legs, can help in the prevention of the disease.

How is this so? The goal is to push blood towards the upper part of the body to prevent pooling of blood in the lower parts due to weak vein valves. If valves are the problem, then the best solution is to create a mechanism that will push blood upwards. Since the veins are surrounded by muscles that either contract or relax, the muscles will be an effective body structure to make thrusting motions. Contraction of muscles happen when one does exercises. The following exercises have been known to be the best for varicose vein prevention: Calf stretch, pedaling, tiptoe, walking in heels, lift legs and knees bent.

Just remember that there is a need to rest after every exercise by elevating legs 15-30 centimetres above the heart.

Modify your diet: Research also shows that good diet can alleviate the symptoms of the disease. When one decreases salt intake and sticks to the recommended daily allowance, there is a resulting decrease in water retention. Water retention causes greater dilation of the varicosities.

Alcohol, on the other hand, dilates the peripheral blood vessels. As the veins dilate, there will be more pooling of blood towards the feet and legs.

Having a well-balanced diet is one of the effective remedies in preventing varicose veins. A diet rich in vitamin C and protein can help in making the tissues more resilient due to proper formation of collagen.

Rest your legs: Elevating your legs above the level of the heart, by the aid of gravity, will push the blood back to the heart. It also helps in relieving the pain and other symptoms of the disease. It is recommended to elevate legs for ten minutes once an hour.

However, always remember that sitting for long periods of time is not recommended. The flexion of the hips and knees for an extended period of time will aggravate the symptoms of varicose veins.

Ideal Home Remedies

Vegetable juices: Drinking 300ml of raw vegetable juices, such as carrot or spinach juice, will help in the treatment of varicose veins. The nutrients have shown to decrease chances of developing varicosities.

Rosemary oil: Studies show that the distilled flowering tops of the Rosmarinus officinalis or Rosmarinus coronarium plant can help in many diseases and help alleviate symptoms of diseases such as atherosclerosis, palpitations and poor circulation. For varicose veins, massaging the oil of Rosemary gently on the affected area can help promote better circulation because of the oil’s dilating effects on the blood vessels.

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Now just how are we supposed to lift our legs in the air for 10 minutes out of every hour??  While this simple home remedy for varicose veins is unrealistic, improving blood circulation to your legs will certainly help you to avoid a build up of varicose veins.  Recognising this is particulalry hard for women and men that have sedentary jobs and only move away from their desks or workstations every so often.  Its a matter of being conscious about stretching your legs regularly and if you can lift your legs up in the air for 10 minutes at night before going to sleep, it will ceratinly be a bonus for you.

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