How to Speed Up the Healing of Broken Bones, Naturally

Our bones have amazing healing capabilities but there are inhibitors that can slow down the healing process such as smoking as it slows blood flow to your bones.  Read on below to discover how to speed up the healing of broken bones through natural sources, medicines and therapies.

How to Speed Up the Healing of Broken Bones, Naturally

How to Speed Up the Healing of Broken Bones, Naturally

Bones have the amazing ability to heal themselves, and this healing begins before you even see a doctor. However, doctor’s visit is always recommended to ensure that the bones are aligned properly and will join in a clean line.

The outer layer of the bone is a storehouse of mineral deposits. The inner layer is called the marrow. The red marrow makes red blood cells, while the yellow marrow is used to store fat. Bones continually undergo changes in a process called “bone remodeling.” Osteoclast cells break down old bone and osteoblast cells trigger new bone cells to form. As soon as a bone breaks, the osteoblasts get to work.

It takes three to four months to recreate the solid, stable bone in most cases. But some bones have more blood supply so they heal faster, for instance, toe bones, whereas wrist bones can take longer.

To speed bone healing, stop smoking, as it slows the blood flow to the bones, thereby slowing healing, taking longer to heal broken bones, and also stop alcohol as it slows the formation of the osteoblasts, while one should also decrease or eliminate caffeined drinks like coffee, tea, and colas which increase calcium excretion. Since your body needs all the calcium it can get to heal your bones, it is wise to minimize sources of calcium loss.

Meanwhile concerning food , since bones need protein to build, add proteins to your diet. meat, fish, soy, nuts, beans, and dairy are all good sources, while dairy has the added advantage of containing calcium.

A recommended dose (RDA) of calcium at 800-1200 milligrams a day for adults, should be taken, but since there is no research to suggest that adding calcium speeds bone healing, nevertheless, be certain to maintain normal intake levels.

Vitamin C is important link in the formation of collagen. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can fill this need, while vitamin D aids in calcium absorption., with 2,000 to 4,000 daily dose. Beware that increased-vitamin-d-intake-treat-depression-obesityBe sure to take in that much while healing bones.Vitamin K, found in leafy greens, also aids bone repair.

Homeopathic first aid calls for use of Arnica is the first drug of choice, with remarkable ability to reduce bruising and swelling from trauma has been well documented, can be used immediately after the break, to reduce swelling and vascular congestion.

Followed by Symphytum, Ruta, Calcarea phoshoricum, Eupatorium perfoliatum Known as Boneset, Eup perf heals the bones and the pain. The pain experienced by a person needing this remedy is a deep soreness, as if beaten, that are worse by motion and in the morning.

ultrasound bone growth stimulators were approved by the FDA, and treatments are available to speed certain types of broken bones with the use of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and magnets., which increase blood flow to the area, thereby speeding healing.

Deep tissue massage and techniques like cranio-sacral massage can increase blood flow and send healing energy. A study at Harvard University showed that hypnosis can be used to reduce bone healing time from eight weeks to six.

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