The Benefits of Squeezing Stress Balls to Relieve Tension

The Benefits of Squeezing Stress Balls to Relieve Tension

Many people associate stress and anxiety attacks with symptoms like muscle tension, chronic head and neck pains, unstable emotional mood shifts, and an upset tummy. Stress is a major health problem and the main factor that leads to other health problems like cardiovascular diseases.

smileyface squeezable ballThere are many and different ways of combating stress.  One simple tool are squeezable balls for stress relief. These promo tools are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it can surely squeeze the stress out! Here are some benefits you can get out of squeezing stress balls and believe it or not, using a stress ball has a number of them from mentally, physically and emotionally.

•    Releases Tension – As you squeeze a stress ball, your muscles get tense; when you release your grip, your muscles relax. This process can lessen muscle tension and relieve stress.

•    Diverts Attention – By focusing on squeezing and releasing a stress ball, you divert your attention away from the source of your stress. It has similar effects to meditation..

•    Stimulates Nerves – As a result of muscles getting tensed as you squeeze a stress ball, the nerves in your hands get stimulated. These nerves act as messengers, carrying signals to your brain, particularly the limbic area, a part of your brain that’s in charge of your emotions. It also produces endorphins that act as relaxers and pain relievers.

•    Enhances your mood – Helps produce endorphins.

•    Lessens the risk of injuries – Using stress balls regularly can strengthen the muscles of the fingers and hands.

•    Treats hand conditions – Using a stress ball exercises the hands which may help lessen risks of arthritis and other hand conditions.

•    Improves Blood Circulation – As your hand muscles contract, it improves the blood flow to the hand and wrist area.

•    Helps children with ADHD – Stress balls can also help children with ADHD by managing fidgety fingers as it allows the child to focus.

There’s another type of stress ball, called the Chinese stress ball or Baoding balls. These are made of harder materials and are hand painted. They have a metal substance inside that makes a chiming sound when moved which is soothing to listen to.

Stress balls are inexpensive and beneficial in many ways to anyone and any age. Just about anyone can use a stress ball.  You may use it at work, school, in your car, and just about any place as it can easily fit into your pocket.

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